Audacity is impressing me more & more!

:slight_smile: Wasn’t sure the best place to post this but just wanted to say I’m getting the hang of Audacity and enjoying using it more, each time I work with it. The sound quality seems to be a lot better recording on my PC than on my Fostex multitracker - I didn’t realize what a difference that would make! Stayed up late the past two nights recording some fun tracks :neutral_face:, although my rockin’ version of “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” I like enough to re-record with full instrumentation - can hardly wait to complete it.

As an aside, I’ve tried another free software program but it has a latency problem due to it’s ASIO drivers not being a great match with my MME card, but I don’t have this problem at all with Audacity. One thing I haven’t learned to do too well with Audacity is get good sound from the effects - it seems like when I try to use something such as “Gverb”, it’s way too strong. Any advice or links here on using the effects with this program? I’ll check the various threads and see what I can find.

there is actually a wiki page about GVerb. Here’s the simple answer. Before you apply Gverb, duplicate the track. Then add GVerb to just one of the tracks and using the volume control, quiet down the track with that effect.

In fancy terms that means you’ve got a wet channel and a dry channel. Apply as much or little of the wet channel as needed.

Here’s the link to that wiki site

it has a few suggested settings if you want to rather just have one channel and change the settings to tame it down

Thanks, soul&folk. I’ll check that out & try the duplicate track suggestion.