Audacity is crashing and is unresponsive

Audacity keeps on crashing!

I don’t know what to do!

The Dev’s are not responding on Discord!

I have 300+ tracks to edit for an important wedding that is hosting 200+ guests
and Audacity is crashing and when it does work is lags and it lags bad.

I am trying all platforms and web pages to get help… so far I am not getting
any feedback… none, zero

I am stressing my @$$ off


I assume that you are currently using the latest version of Audacity.

Try going back to version 3.1, but before you do:

  1. Any projects that you currently have on the go, either complete them first if you can, or save a backup copy AND export your current audio as WAV files to ensure you don’t lose your audio,
  2. Backup any plug-ins that you rely on.
  3. Uninstall Audacity, and delete the folder that holds the Audacity Preferences. The location of that folder depends on your operating system:
  • Windows: Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\audacity\
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/
  • Linux: ~/.audacity-data/
  1. You can get old versions of Audacity from Old Audacity versions download

Also, you probably won’t need 300+ tracks for the wedding. As an estimate, 3 mins per track = 20 tracks per hour. After a couple of hours, no-one will care (or probably not even remember) if a track has been played before. Just ensure that you have a reasonable selection, and group them so that you can pick some appropriate tracks.

I’m using Virtual DJ, I’m only using Audacity to edit the tracks.

The wedding is 9 hours long excluding overtime. I requested that the guests send
me their favorite songs when the dance floor is open.

Then there is the background music at the chapel and reception and when they are eating.