Audacity is completely broken for me now

I’m not sure which update caused it because I don’t always update frequently, but after some update Audacity has become completely broken. It will randomly speed up and increase the pitch while recording so the recording becomes garbage, and half the time when I apply an effect it will shift the entire track over and cut off the rest. It’s literally unusable for me in this state. I found one thread that was about time shifting bugs when selecting in the negative time, but I’m not doing that at all. I can’t even figure out a pattern, I’ll be working on a file fine for a few minutes and then these bugs show up and no matter what I do they won’t go away. It will even start happening to tracks I just successfully applied an effect to five minutes ago. I included an example screenshot of a track after applying just a normal pitch shift, note how it flung the whole track forward and cut half of it off. Apparently I can’t embed more than one picture as a new user (why?) but the before picture is the track across the whole selected area. No matter how I select it or anything it’s the same. It also happens with other effects like noise reduction. Even if I copy the track into a new empty file it usually still happens, although sometimes it magically disappears for no reason.

Does this happen with Audacity3.3.3 ? Old Audacity versions download

I switched to 3.3.3, so far it hasn’t shown up but I haven’t been using it very long.

A lot of people have been having issues simular to this, I mean when the track gets shifted over to the right.
I have tried recording and doing a noise reduction and have not had any issues, I am using Windows 11 23H2 64 Bit and I am running Audacity 3.4.1. What OS are you running on? I don’t understand why so many people are having these experiences, as I have not had these issues.

I’m also using Windows 11 23H2 and was previously using Audacity 3.4.1.

There were some glitches introduced in Audacity 3.4.0 and 3.4.1. They are likely at the root of your difficulties. Switch back to 3.3.3 and wait for 3.4.2 to be released.