"Audacity is already running" issue

I have a mac mini and have just upgraded to Mac OS Sierra.

Once I did that, any time I tried to open Audacity, I get a message which says:

Audacity is already running
The system has detected that another copy of Audacity is running.
Running two copies of Audacity simultaneously may
data loss or cause your system to crash.

Use the New or Open commands in the currently
running Audacity
process to open multiple projects simultaneously.

Problem is, I cannot find another copy of Audacity on my home screen running. I even trashed all the old audacity app and uploaded the most current copy ONCE and am still getting the message.

Please help.

There’s a file that gets set and turned into an orphan if the machine crashes or causes Audacity to fail. Any minute I’m going to find that file info.


Here it is. It’s a lock file in your System.



Beautiful, Thankx!!!

“In Finder, Go > Go to FolderIn Finder, Go > Go to Folder > copy paste code ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/ > return > Then in Finder, Go > Go to Folder, paste in the path you copied and click “Go” > move lock file to trash > clear trash.” The problem is with a lock file. Just do not get rid of the sessions datafile, save it to your dock if you can.