Audacity installation

Today I downloaded the audacity installation package 3.1.3 for my Linux19.3 OS.
However, after download complete the file does not open and also the terminal window command prompt is not recognized.
What’s wrong ? Pls. help,

There are multiple Linux distributions. Do you know which yours is? I don’t recognise 19.3 as an Ubuntu version.

Can you say where you downloaded Audacity from and the exact file name? If it is a .appimage file (which is what they usually recommend) it’s not an “installation” package as such. You just need to make it executable and run it.

If you’re OK with using the terminal, what command did you enter that was not recognised? It could be just that it’s not executable yet.

Thx. for response. My Linux is LinuxMint 19.3. Built on Ubutu 18.04 if I’m not mistaken.
App image does not respond to opening. The terminal command is the one as advised by audacity:.
chmod +x

But is not recognized.

The easy way to enable “executable permission” in Debian / Ubuntu / Mint /…

  1. Right click on the AppImage file
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Open the “Permissions” tab
  4. Tick the checkbox “Allow this file to run as a program”

Once the “execute permission” has been set, it should be possible to run the AppImage just by double-clicking it.

I did the permission thing and it runs but now don’t know how to install it. I’ve got mint 20.3 64 bit with 16 gb memory


AppImages don’t need to be installed. Just put it somewhere convenient (such as your home folder).
Optionally, and depending on your Desktop environment, you could add a Desktop shortcut and/or a launcher.