audacity installation

I select installation, then get the captcha screen, but there is no area to enter captcha data. Nothing shows but a empty box. There is a big orange triangle with a white exclamation mark. But no captcha options. How do I get past that?

Make sure you download Audacity from us:

Save the installer, don’t run it without downloading it.

If the downloaded setup file is corrupt, it’s a very good idea to clear the download list or cache in your browser or download manager then try downloading again.

If you are on the site the Audacity downloads are served from and are seeing a CAPTCHA, it could because your IP address is shared with other people who have a bad reputation.

Or your download accelerator may trigger security precautions on FossHub, because of the many connections your accelerator makes.

If you have concerns with the FossHub site, please view the FossHub Frequently Asked Questions or use the FossHub Contact Form to let them know of any problems you are having.


@cfoster - sorry to hear about this issue.

I will repeat what Mr. Gale Andrews already said.

  1. First, make sure that you disable temporarily your download manager.
  2. If you don’t use such a program, please make sure that you don’t have an add-on in your browser that might act as a download manager. The fastest way is to simply try another (clean) browser, e.g. if your default browser is Internet Explorer (or Edge), try to download with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc.
  3. Please download the file and click on installer to install Audacity. It will also work from your browser (I made the test a few seconds ago with Internet Explorer) but only if you disable the third party software or add-on that triggered our firewall to show you a CAPTCHA.

Please get in touch with us to lookup your IP and see what caused this issue so we can investigate - don’t forget to provide us your IP address. Use our contact form

Regards, Sam - FossHub