Audacity input level and Google Hangouts

Tried finding the answer and cannot.

Recording a podcast with Audacity 2.0.3. My mic input is an M-audio box via usb and a Audio Techinca AT 2035. I have done countless recordings with Skype and never had issues.

Tried recording with Google hangout. The audio records, however while I record my mic levels start shifting, usually way to hot, automatically. You can see the level slider moving on its own. This seems to be Google Hangout automatically adjusting my levels. Searched for a way to disable that but could not find it. I have also disabled “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” in the sound controls in control panel for my mic. I have heard there are some registry hacks to fix this but they require you to redo them every time.

Does anyone have a good way, either through audacity or otherwise, to disable this so i can set my own record levels?

You don’t say, but do we assume the problem is recording a Private Hangout? Hangouts on Air are broadcast live and are recorded and saved to your YouTube channel automatically.

I don’t know anything about Google Hangouts myself. Have you searched online? The most common solutions are screen capture software. Are you saying you only want to record audio, not video?

Have you right-clicked over the speaker icon by the system clock, then clicked “Sounds”, then clicked the “Communications tab”, then under “When Windows detects communications activity:”, chosen “Do nothing”? I don’t think it is likely to be the direct reason but it might confuse Google Hangouts if that is the object of the exercise.


The recording was of a hangout on air. The audio for the show was recorded to youtube with subpar audio quality (because of the stream)

What I want to do is capture just my audio. My recording partner is doing the same on their end and then we match the tracks and use them for the higher quality. The audio is being captured by audacity, but the levels are being controlled by google

Then you could complain to Google about the quality of the recording and the mic level manipulation (if hangouts is the cause).

Please let us know if you find the solution, but we can’t help you. You’ll probably find more success asking on Google forums.