Audacity in macOS 10.15 Catalina - Temporary solution

I made small APP for permission start on a microphone.

I have removed the attachment due to the negative results returned by virustotal:

While the detected malware results are probably false positives, as the administrator of this forum I cannot take the chance of putting our visitors at risk.


Strange, but it is safe.
Then link.

Please allow me to check with my colleagues and I’ll get back to you.

I have checked with our SysAdmin, and he agrees that we cannot carry apps, or links to apps that are flagged as dangerous malware. I shall therefore delete your other posts on this.

It is intended that the next Audacity release will be properly supported on Catalina, but in the meantime our recommendation is to either not update to Catalina, or use the workaround previously published here:

Would you share the source code of the app you made, so we can analyze and compile it?

Anything special, but it works without “Terminal”


if pgrep 'Audacity'; then 
 osascript -e 'quit app ""' & exit
/usr/bin/osascript <<-EOF
tell the application named "/Applications/"
end tell

This option underwent testing for safety

But that offers no protection for our users if you decide to put the original “infected” version at the link location.

Buanzo, our system administrator, requested the source code of the app you made. Without the source code we can’t know for sure that it is safe. If we don’t know for sure that it is safe you may not post it on this forum, and you may not post links to it on this forum. If you attempt to post it again without permission, I shall have to suspend your forum account. Please note that we are very happy to receive contributions from Audacity users, but our user’s safety is our top priority.

Higher a script which I enveloped in APP by means of the Platypus tool.
Using last the Platypus version - APP passes your test.
As here everything is difficult, considering bad knowledge of English)))
I don’t bear anybody the malice, simply wanted the decision will share the.
You can delete the publication.

Thank you. I trust that you understand why we have to be cautious.