Audacity has failed to read from a file in C

Hello there,

I was working using audacity (3.2.1) and suddenly it frozen up until the point where I had to do the old Ctrl+Alt+Delete. When I opened it back, I got this message:

Audacity failed to read a file in C

I’ve been looking for a solution and have found out something that apparently works for some, but it seems to work only if you have a PC with a 64 bit software and mine is 32 bit.

Does anyone here knows what could I do? This recording I was doing was for my job and it’s very important.

I can’t even seem to be able to recover the .aup file yet. Whenever I open Audacity it give me the regular recovery option, but whenever I click on my file I always got the aforementioned message.

Yes. Unfortunately the answer is the same as for those macOS users: Find a friend with a Windows 64 machine.

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