Audacity-GSnap lock-uo

iMac OS 10.10.5, Yosemite, 3.2GHz, Intel Core i5

Yesterday I installed Audacity 2.4.2 to replace 2.0, and then GSnap 2.7, which I’d only just found out about yesterday. Audacity fires up OK and everything seems to work just like the older Audacity I used to have. However, in selecting the new GSnap plug-in from the Effects menu and then trying to adjust any of the rotary controls in the window that pops up, a further window pops up with information about debugging choices. When I cancel or OK that and return to the control window, Audacity has locked up (spinning rainbow disc) and I can only do a ‘Force Quit’ that shows “Audacity not responding”.

I’ve disabled the ‘graphical display’ option often mentioned elsewhere for other problems. It makes no difference.

Anyone any ideas where I go from here?
Audacity GSnap hang-up.jpg

Graillon2 (the free version is sufficient for autotune).

[I don’t speak Mac: I’ve only used Graillon2 in Audacity on Windows].

Yes. Apparently, GSnap 2.7 was just released a few days ago. When I checked their site at GVST - GSnap, I see that they just released a new MAC version earlier today, definitely after you made your post. I don’t have a MAC, so I can’t test this myself, but let me suggest you try deleting the old version, then downloading the updated version.

I hope this helps. :smiley: