Audacity frequently crashing on Arch Linux

I am using Audacity 3.1.3 on Arch Linux for basic editing, cutting a bit off the ends to make tracks fit better in a playlist. It has been crashing very frequently, much less so under gdb (I was able to edit eight files this time before crashing vs nearly every time without gdb) but I did get a backtrace and included it in the notes in the zip file. In short, a __n < this->size() assertion fails in /usr/include/c++/12.1.1/bits/stl_vector.h and the backtrace shows it is from WaveClip::GetSpectrogram.

I only use ALSA, although I have pipewire installed and I see it mentioned in the logs. It seems I didn’t keep systemd from starting pipewire related services, although based on a suggestion when looking for info on this issue I previously tried stopping all such services and it didn’t help (not a surprise I guess based on this backtrace). (43 KB)