Audacity freezes whenever opening a project or importing media

Hi, I’ve been having a problem for a while now. Whenever I open up a .aup file or import media, Audacity freezes after a few seconds. It doesn’t say anything like “Not Responding”, but I can’t click anything. I click all of the buttons, the project file, nothing’s responding. I tried reinstalling it, it didn’t work. I uninstalled it, then installed it again, that also didn’t work. I uninstalled it again and downloaded the latest version (I was previously using 3.1.X), and that still didn’t work. Is there an explanation or any other solution to this?

Sometimes rebooting your machine may help, or you can try deleting or renaming the audacity.cfg preferences file or even the entire audacity data directory. I like to rename it instead of deleting it just in case I had any work in there I later need to recover.