Audacity Freezes on Export and Metadata Edit

Version 2.3.1. I’ve tried to export a single recorded audio file to mp3 and wav files several times and the program simply freezes, forcing me to close it from the task manager. I’ve tried the mix and render advice from the troubleshooting guide, which does nothing. Things have exported in the past, so I have no idea what’s wrong.

Did you use punctuation marks in the name?

Use the ISO version of dates. Today is 2019-04-04 or 20190404. In general you should use Upper Case, Lower Case, Numbers, -Dash- and Underscore. Other characters can cause problems, particularly slash marks.


Nope, only upper and lower case letters

Where are you trying to export to?
How much space is there on the target storage device?
How is the target storage device connected to the computer?

Trying to export to my internal hard drive, over 400 GB free, just a regular hard drive connection. Audacity also freezes when I try to edit the metadata for that recording.

Please describe that step by step.

You saved a Project or Audacity keeps recovering the show from its crash tools?

If you’re using the crash tools, can you save a Project?

How many other things are running on the machine? Do you use Network Connected Drives or Cloud storage for anything else, ever?


I literally just click edit, metadata and the whole program freezes, just like trying to export. The cpu usage drops to 0%. I can save but sometimes when I reopen after a force quit it says I need to recover the file. I use dropbox to backup some projects.

Does the project contain imported files?
Did you edit the Metadata in this project at any point?
Does the problem occur just with this one project?
How big is this project? (If the project has been saved, how big is the “_data” folder?)

Nope, nope, now even with projects I’ve exported before, and 39.1 MB.

As a test, try this:

“Edit menu > Preferences > Import / Export”
Deselect (untick) “Show Metadata Tags editor before export”

Then try exporting.
What happens?

Also, please attach the AUP file of the project that was initially having the problem. (See here for how to attach a file to a forum post:

Wow. Solved the problem.

Not really “solved”, but “worked around” the problem. I expect that opening the Metadata Editor will still freeze.

I’d still be interested to see that .AUP file - that may hold some clue as what is causing the problem.