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Dear All:
I am currently running Audacity version 2.1.2 on Windows 10, and have compiled it from source using Visual Studio. Our version works with the Rivendell MYSQL Database and we are wanting to release a Powered by Audacity fork which other Rivendell users could use if they desired. I am hoping to put this up on a github site as soon as feasible.

In my previous conversations with people here - it was stated that a fork was possible as long as it was not called Audacity. See message below:

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Re: Release builds but wont run. Debug runs
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toadybarker wrote:
We are up and running in Win 10 ! Woohoo.

Excellent. Congratulations :stuck_out_tongue:

toadybarker wrote:
Not sure of these changes could really coexist in base Audacity - since I do actually change some base files (AudacityApp, Menus.cpp…) but if some people are really interested in a Rivendell Radio Playout interface, when it is all finished I can share it with the group…

Perhaps you could release it as an open source “powered by Audacity” application. (It would need to be called something other than “Audacity” as that is the registered trademark for “Audacity”. You can find details about license terms here: and here: but feel free to ask if you have any questions that are not covered there). We have had other posts about Rivendell on this forum, so I expect that there would be some interest in your project.
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I guess I have a couple of questions.

  1. Can I use the Logo/Icons - and/or would I need to change the Icons/Logos that display. For example - in About
    Dialog I would leave the information there but add information on our version numbers etc…Maybe remove the Audacity Logo?

  2. Would the executable Icon need to change as well as the name of the program?

  3. I would include the GPL license information in all of the new source code as per the instructions. Is there
    anything else I should include?

I looked at the licensing information and just want to make sure I do this right .

I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum, just wasn’t sure where to put this.

Thanks for any information you can provide.
Best Regards,

Todd Baker

Are you going to have your own logo or just text? Suppose you call it “Audacity for Rivendell”. I think we prefer that you show our official logo wherever you say “Powered by Audacity®”, especially if you show your own logo too.

So in About Audacity, the splash screen when loading and the Welcome (How to get help) message, you want to say “Audacity for Rivendell” and “Powered by Audacity®”, showing our official logo (that has the ®) alongside the “Powered” text.

And give our address in About Audacity.

If you don’t have your own logo then I think you can leave the application icons as they are. The executable would be called “Audacity_for_Rivendell.exe”, for example.

If you wanted to use an Audacity logo that incorporated for example the wavy line of the Rivendell logo, you would need to ask Rivendell if they agreed.

You have to have some README or similar that says where the source code is (GitHub), or include the source code with the executable.


Dear Gale,
Thanks for the responses.

Not sure if we are going to have an Icon/logo, but we may just add the text you suggested “Audacity for Rivendell”. Trying to figure out what to
call it now - some people seem to like RDacity (a Rivendell standard naming thing). The “Powered by Audacity®”
text would always include the logo.

We would include the address of course in the about Dialog.

I would also have a README which listed compiling requirements,libraries etc. The repository would have all the source code as per GPL requirements.
I don’t intend to distribute binaries, just source code that once built creates exe’s.


Hello There Gale et. al.,

I have been working on this version - called RDacity, and there is a Github repository for it up now. We are currently working on Icons - because we would like something that looks like the Rivendell Icon (which also is being looked at for redesign -but I digress). Anyway,
other than the ICON stuff - I think this is ready for you to look at and let me know if it fits in within your ideas about tradmarks, licensing, etc…

It exists at :

Let me know what you think.


Todd Baker