Audacity for Windows v3.03 freezes

Audacity for Windows v3.0.3 64 bit freezes

I use Windows 10, 64 bit with 16gb memory

I installed v3.0.3 today. Before this, I was using v2.4.2 because it was stable.

I do not have any other application running but Audacity freezes:

The steps:

  1. I open one mp3 audio file with Audacity v3.0.3

  2. I complete a simple edit on that file

  3. File | Export

When I try to name the file for saving, Audacity freezes.

I re-started my computer but result is the same.

I plan to revert back to Audacity v2.4.2 because that was stable.

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

What may be the cause?


When exactly does the freeze happen? Is it when the file explorer opens? When you navigate to the right folder? When you type in the name of the file? When you hit save?

Also, as what are you trying to export the file?

Does it work when you’re exporting as WAV to your desktop?


  1. Audacity freezes when I try to save the mp3 file I edited within Audacity. When I try to type a new name before saving it, Audacity freezes.

  2. I am trying to export the edited mp3 to mp3 with a different name.

  3. I have not tried with WAV file. In the meantime I have re-installed Audacity v2.4.2



Just an FYI, I just performed the same steps - opened .MP3, deleted a small section, exported the file with a new name - and it worked for me.

I’m using Win 10, 64 bit with 16gb memory as well and Audacity 3.0.3.


@snoma01 Are you using a Japanese installation of Windows?


Yes, I use Japanese MS Windows but language shouldnt matter.


Of course the language “shouldn’t” matter, but sometimes it does because Windows uses different input methods to handle multi-byte characters in some languages (such as Japanese).

Ensure that Windows is fully updated.
If the problem persists after updating Windows and rebooting, try the workaround described in the “Workaround” section of this page:

hello steve

fyi I name my file in english (single byte characters).


With regard to the Windows bug that I referred to, that does not matter. The bug is to do with the internal mechanisms that Windows is using for keyboard input. (One of the Audacity developers had lots of “fun” finding the cause of Audacity freezing on Japanese Windows - the only way he could reproduce it was to install Windows in Japanese, which is not easy for someone that does not speak Japanese.)