Audacity for Video VO

So I have a bit of a dumb question. I am trying to sync a voiceover track to a video. I am curious if Audacity has anyway to import video to play along while I record audio (for 3.5, I know previous versions appear that they don’t). I am assuming that Audacity does not (because it’s a DAW). Would my best bet be just to load a separate media player window and record with Audacity in the background, or would dedicated video editing software be easier? I suppose could try to record live in video software but I would rather have the dedicated audio settings of Audacity.

Didn’t know if I was missing something or if any plugins could be helpful.

Dumb question, but any help or recommendations for would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

No, Audacity is audio-only.

Some video editors can record & edit audio.

If you need to do some kind of audio editing/processing that your video editor can’t do, you can open the audio for editing in Audacity, and then you can re-combine the audio & video with your video editor.

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