Audacity for iPhone?

(I know this is the wrong place for this post, but I can’t find any place that would be right for it.)

I recently came across something using the Audacity name and logo on the Apple App Store, at Of course, I strongly suspect this to be a ripoff, especially given that it “Offers In-App Purchases”, but I thought that I should ask here for confirmation, and that the TRUE Audacity team (and their lawyers) should be made aware of this item’s existence.

It’s certainly a trademark violation. I’ll inform the dev team.

Thank you for your report. We received word that this infringement has now been reported to Apple.

A quick update. As before, Apple was notified, and now they have changed the icon and name. All based off of your report. Thank you. :smiley:

I just had another look, and it seems these folks have resumed their trademark infringement. Whenever they think people have stopped looking, they change the icon and/or name back. I guess they need a more forceful reminder that what they’re doing is a no-no. :angry: :unamused:

The thing is taken down worldwide, according to Apple. I believe that the “Connecting…” screen is their version of a 404. That said, I just found another one, this time from a HATINH PHARMACEUTICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY. Which comes in handy because I’ll need some pills soon to deal with these headaches :smiley: