Audacity for EPEL 7 x86_64?

So I looked on the Audacity site, and no rpm for RHEL / CentOS / Oracle Unbreakable Linux 7, so I tried my hand at compiling from source, and the dependencies were an unmitigated mess…

Has anyone here managed to get Audacity up and running on RHEL 7 or its derivatives yet? Perhaps has some pointers on how to get this going?

Perhaps you could try the Audacity-freeworld package?
There is one limitation with that version, which is that it probably won’t support LAME and FFmpeg, which is not a problem if you stick with free/open audio formats.

Then please post the complete configure and make log.

Is EL6 any use to you ? If so then at Index of /el6/release/x86_64 there is an Audacity 2.0.3 rpm in there.

Or see if this helps