Audacity for android

I work with radio and we use audacity, but we are seen that would be great for audacity to create an app, I don’t knows if there is a project for this or someone is working in this, or there is a crowdsourcing about this for contribute? :smiley:

maybe in the future, but it’s likely not happening anytime soon.

The official line on this subject is in the manual:

To give a bit of an update on this: Development has started of migrating away from wxWidgets (which doesn’t support Android/iOS) towards Qt (which does). Audacity 4.0 will probably be the first version of Audacity using Qt.

Right now, our plan once we’re done with that is to provide DAW features to the desktop app. A mobile app might be in the cards sometime during the 4.x or 5.x series though!