Audacity Files Wont Open...


Computer Crashed last week.

I backed up ALL audacity files using CARBONITE.

But when trying to open Audactiy files. I receive this error message for ALL files.


aud 1.PNG

If you restore the folder and all of the files to the original locations it should work ([u]Managing Audacity Projects[/u]).

It’s always a good idea to export to WAV immediately after recording (and possibly otherwise periodically) whether you make an Audacity project or not. Since a WAV file is a single file, it’s a lot less likely to get messed-up. Then, you can follow your usual back-up routine depending on how critical or irreplaceable the files are.

Thanks for reply.

Files were Saved/Opened in same place.
Will export as Wav next time.

Any idea how I can reopen them?

When selecting top 2 options…(restore in original location)….

THE FILE opens in Audacity but is TOTALLY BLANK. (so if file was 30 min long…it shows 30 min of BLANK audio)

Any other ideas to retrieve files?

(it seems like any files with missing audio are Completely Blank)
(files that did not have missing audio ARE RECOVERABLE)