Audacity failing to open file and fix wont go through

The file i created on audacity wont open. Saying ’ failing to in C’
I tried the fix on the Audacity site but it gets stuck at part 9. Saying to open as shown by screenshot. Please help. Thos file was a lot of work

Yes. You have named your file “broken.aup3.aup3”. The file “broken.aup3” does not exist and results in the unable to open (database) file message.

Nice topic

But i havent though. Its broken.aup3

but see:

Windows is hiding your file extensions. For more clarity, see:

Ok. But now i’ve ran the program and the ‘fix’ ran and it created a ‘repared’ file butp that file still wont open in C. Is there some other fix i can try?

No. The recovery procedure has a good success ratio - perhaps as high as 80% or more. But sometimes if fails altogether. A a rule of thumb, it is better to not use networked drives for Audacity projects. What message are you getting ?

Failing to open in C

I ran the repair again and this time it worked. Thanks for your help

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