Audacity failed to write to a file. Perhaps C:is not writable or the disk is full

I’m getting an error when trying to export to mp3 or wav or save as another project. There is space on my disk and I can listen to the audio in audacity. I’m on Windows 10 and Audacity version 3.0.2. The audio is 1h05m long.
Thanks for your help!

Here is the detailed log:
17:43:05: sqlite3 message: (11) statement aborts at 4: [SELECT samples FROM sampleblocks WHERE blockid = ?1;] database disk image is malformed
17:43:44: sqlite3 message: (11) database corruption at line 69300 of [7ebdfa80be]
17:43:44: sqlite3 message: (11) statement aborts at 15: [INSERT INTO outbound.sampleblocks SELECT * FROM main.sampleblocks WHERE blockid = ?;] database disk image is malformed
17:43:44: DBConnection SetDBError
ErrorCode: 11
LastError: Failed to update the project file.
The following command failed:

ATTACH DATABASE ‘C:\Users\anngu\Downloads\ZOOM0014tr3.aup3’ AS outbound;
LibraryError: database disk image is malformed

I’m going to guess your project file is corrupt. That would mean it’s not really a writing problem, but that it doesn’t have good-data to write.

Ok, thanks.
Is there anything I can do to solve the issue?

Sudden, unexplained instabilities like this are just the best. Has anything like this ever happened before? What is the show? What is the production? Is this first time out of the gate?

My Zoom is an H1n and I love it to death.


A note that when you make changes to your show, Audacity tries to save The Whole Show. That’s the UNDO. Audacity doesn’t just memorize the last special effect change you made for UNDO. It just launches the last known good show. That means your hour show may be many multiple hours of data on the drive depending on your editing density.

Does that ring bells?


Yes. Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. Error code 11 is means your project is corrupt. In the majority of cases your database can be recovered. See here for instructions: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

Please post back your results here so that DVDdoug and Koz will know for the future.

It worked!!
I applied the procedure, including step 12.
Thank you so so much :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report back. Glad to hear you are back in business. :grinning:

I’ll tell @kozikowski and @DVDdoug. :grinning:

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