Audacity exported WAV file, RIFF format issue

I exported a WAV file (44100 samples/sec, 2 Bytes/sample, 1 channel, 1226752 samples) from Audacity. I have written software that reads WAV files and it gave me a warning that there are 180 unused bytes at the end of this file. The file contains a RIFF header, one fmt chunk, one data chunk, and 180 unused bytes. The unused Bytes do not appear to be chunks. The RIFF header indicates a file size that includes the unused bytes. The DOS file size agrees with the RIFF header. This is probably not a big issue, but I just spent hours looking for any bugs in my software. Does anyone know if these extra, unused Bytes violate the WAV standard? Wikipedia says the WAV standard is a bit fuzzy.

Scientists and detail oriented people are frequently disappointed with Audacity. Audacity is not a WAV editor. It’s a production editor and sometimes technical accuracy takes a back seat to making the show sound good.


You’re saying that. Audacity calls 2 Bytes/sample “16-bit”.

Which version of Audacity are you using? Exactly what choices did you use when you exported?

I don’t know much about this but did you export metadata with the file? What happens if you download sample WAV files from the internet and look at those in your app?