Audacity exported mp3 into Camtasia

Hi all,

I’m recording my audio with Audacity. I export to mp3 files. My video has the visuals on a separate track in camtasia. When I play the video back in Camtasia, it will sometimes skip or repeat the audio. I will reset the playhead and then play again, and the skip or repeat isn’t there. But it’s happening frequently. I haven’t exported from Camtasia yet, but I want to make sure that I don’t have a problem with the rendered video.

Is there something I can do in Audacity to help with this issue? or do I need help from Camtasia.

BTW, absolutely LOVE recording and editing in Audacity.


Try exporting from Audacity as WAV and import that into Camtasia.
(MP3s are lower quality than WAV, and may cause timing problems due to padding at the start of an MP3).

It’s hard to be 100% sure but the LAME MP3 encoder built-into Audacity has been stable for many years, and LAME is generally considered the best MP3 encoder…

I’ve never used Camtasia but MP3 audio in audio/video files is very rare so it’s probably getting re-compressed to a different lossy format. And there is quality loss when you re-compress.

As Steve suggested, it’s usually better to use WAV as your source files and your video editor will convert it to whatever format you are making.