Audacity Export Doesn't Line Up With Original File

So I used to use an older version of Audacity, but recently transitioned to the newest version and have found a new issue. When I export a track, the very beginning appears to be slightly trimmed. I have tried different exporting tactics such as “export selected”, I have tried generating 1 second of silence at the beginning, I have tried turning off latency correction and then exporting, but nothing is working. How can I fix this issue? Strange to me because before I updated to the latest version I never had this issue prior to now. Please look at the attachments to see exactly what I am talking about. Keep in mind, all I did was open up a file in Audacity and then export it. Didn’t do anything at all in the project. By the way, the screenshot is in FL Studio because that’s where I imported the 2 files because it’s easier to see for example purposes. Although if I imported the exported file back into the Audacity project the synchronization problem would still be there. PLEASE HELP!

When I export a track, the very beginning appears to be slightly trimmed.

You didn’t say the magic words “…as MP3.” MP3 files have undetermined boundaries and different applications or even app versions can treat them differently.

Never do production in MP3.


Not an MP3

And… The format is…?

With WAV (or other lossless format) the number of samples shouldn’t change.

MP3 actually adds a few milliseconds of silence to the beginning & end.

What is the exact version number of Audacity? (look in: “Help menu > About Audacity”)