Audacity error importing wav from REAPER V3.0

Hi evrey one! I just install Audacity and I try to import project that I had done with Reaper to Auacity as a wav file and Audacity give me the massege:
“Could not open file: C:/programe Files(x86)… .wav” :frowning: please please anyone one I need it A.S.A.P

You can have a WAV file and not have a Microsoft WAV file, the most common version.

Also given Windows, you may not have a WAV file at all.

You can force Windows to show you what you really have by revealing filename extensions.

– Hidden File Extensions
– Start > My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View > [ ] Hide Extensions for Known File Types (deselect)
– Apply (to this folder) or Apply to All Folders
– OK

If you have a foreign file, you can add the FFMpeg software to Audacity and open the file that way.


How did you turn the Reaper project into a WAV file?

Thanks guys! I tried the software that you recomended and still it doesnt let me open wav file from Reaper. The way that I am doing it is by duble click on the track in Reaper. I put Audacity as the prime extarnal Editors in Reaper. Supposedly should not be a problem with it, I sow tutorial on youtube that what exactly what he had done. I tried also to export the project to my desktop, and then open Audacity and open the file from the Audacity but he gave me the same message :unamused:

Export the file from Reaper as a WAV file, then in Audacity use “File > Import > Audio”.