Audacity Echo

There is an echo when I record. Where or what do I do to fix this ? The system is a MAC OS X version 10.4.11.

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Perhaps your microphone (if you’re using a microphone) is picking up sound from your computer speakers (if you have speakers connected and turned on), or it could be something else - you’ve not given much information to go on.

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Look in the Transport menu in Audacity and check that Software Playthrough is off (not selected).

Made sure that the device was off, but there is still an echo.

Is the echo on the actual recording, or just in your headphones when you are monitoring the recording?
Is it a discrete echo (echo, echo, echo) or a “reverberation” (eccchooo)?
Does the echo repeat several times or just once?
If the echo is only when you are monitoring the recording, how are you monitoring it?

When I turn off the transport software play through there is no sound in my earphones. I have the most recent version of AUDACITY for MAC laptop computer. I need to hear through the ear phones.

You need to hear what through your headphones?
What are you trying to record?
Are you using a microphone? If so, what sort and how is it connected to your computer?