Audacity downloading stuff?

I downloaded Audacity from this site


It wouldn’t let me open it once it was downloaded and wouldn’t let me uninstall it. It was approved by Groovy Media with ‘Taseg’ as the name and setup wizard. I have found random things I haven’t downloaded on my computer, my computer is becoming extremely slow though I have only just put a new SSD card in on 20/01/19 (3 days before) and it is making a much louder noise coming from the PC itself. I don’t know the exact version which is number one on the ‘must include the following information’ which I am sorry for. During writing this my PC has became quiet but I am unsure whether it has downloading anything else but my PC is horribly slow now! Things which have downloaded due to me downloading this: PremiumOpinion,Brave,Chromium,ByteFence,Avast and maybe some more.

Thank you. :open_mouth:

It highly recommended to only download software from official sources. You have probably installed a virus or other malware.
Before doing anything else you should completely remove anything that you have downloaded recently, and perform a full, in-depth scan of your computer with reputable, up to date malware detection software.

The genuine Audacity website is here:
The download links on the Audacity website go to FossHub, who are the official content delivery network for Audacity.
See also:

[u]Malwarebytes[/u] is pretty good at removing “crapware” and other unwanted “junk”.

I’ve only had an actual computer virus once about 30 years ago, but more often I’ve gotten unwanted software when downloading & installing free software (never related to Audacity) so I have a habit of running Malwarebytes after installing anything that might be suspicious.