audacity download from - no recording device

I have been getting malware in trying to download audacity. It is hard to find a clean copy, and takes a long time to get rid of the snakes etc.

I downloaded from, which I thought would be reliable, but I am not getting any options for the recording. The boxes are blank. I have uninstalled numerous times and run cleaners just in case.

How can a I a good download. I am been using the .06 download

We don’t make a .06 download. That appears to be one of the bogus versions.
Version 2.0.6.

When you install it, it will ask you part way through if you want to reset the preferences and settings. Say yes.

When you launch, Audacity uses the operating system to find devices. So if Windows has no idea what’s going on, neither will Audacity. Also, Audacity checks for new devices when it starts. If you change a USB device while Audacity is running, the device will be invisible.

Restart Audacity or Transport > Rescan…


That is the version I have tried to load many times. I asked to set the preferences. It offered some plugins, which I accepted, but the recording boxes are still empty. How do I get the program to find recording devices?

You’ve not told us what sort of recording device you have or even which version of Windows.
If you are using a USB recording device, ensure that it is connected and recognised by Windows before you launch Audacity.

Assuming that you are using Windows Vista or later, check in the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure that you have at least one recording device enabled and available for Audacity to use.