Audacity doesn't show the waveform

Hi guys,

Last Saturday I was djing at my friends party and as always I use audacity to record the set. Everything was fine, Audacity save the project file and stuff as it created the folder with data.
Today as I have free time I was going to export the set to mp3 but when I open the project file, Audacity open it self on around 6 hours on timeline but I cannot see the waveform.
Either I can’t play it nor export it. Is there any way to fix it ? As I need to have that set.

The linux used on the laptop is Xubuntu 4.10 and the version of Audacity is 2.0.0

Any idea how to fix it ?

Is the waveform there - have you tried View > Fit in Window?

Is the recording meant to be six hours or more long? What is the project rate? Until 2.0.6 is released there is a bug that causes projects containing long tracks to be silenced with “orphan” errors when you reopen the project. At 44100 Hz project rate, the limit is just over 13.5 hours, at 88200 Hz the limit is just over 6.75 hours and so on. See: Missing features - Audacity Support .

If that doesn’t help, was there an error message when you opened the project, if so what did it say? Please post the contents of Help > Show Log… after reopening the project, and post the AUP file. Please see here for how to attach files: .

2.0.0 is obsolete. Do you mean Xfce 4.10 and some other version of Xubuntu?


No, the waveform isn’t there. I’m unable to choice Fit in Window.
Yes, the recording meant to be nearly 6 Hours. Actually 5h and 55 Mins as I can see where it stop.
I have no idea how to split the project. I’ve search the google but nothing.

The log only show’s that. I remember there was twice the error but I haven’t save it, make a screenshot nor read it.

20:57:23: Audacity 2.0.6-alpha-Apr  3 2014
20:57:23: Retrieving FFmpeg library version numbers:
20:57:23:    AVCodec version 0x352300 - 53.35.0 (built against 0x352300 - 53.35.0)
20:57:23:    AVFormat version 0x351501 - 53.21.1 (built against 0x351501 - 53.21.1)
20:57:23:    AVUtil version 0x331602 - 51.22.2 (built against 0x331602 - 51.22.2)

Also I was trying to copy the project and data to my computer running Windows and when I was trying to copy it from my pendrive which copy actually pretty fast from that laptop, Windows come up with notification that it cannot copy as the file name is too long or wrong. Here’s a photo of the notification Windows gave me.
I know it’s in Polish, Sorry.

Also coming back to Ubuntu. It’s Ubuntu 12.04 with Xfce 4.10.
Also I’m attaching the AUP file in the post.
wojtek.aup (410 Bytes)

So just to be clear, you saved the project in Audacity 2.0.0 on Xubuntu 12.04 and the log comes from opening it in 2.0.6-alpha on Xubuntu 12.04?

The AUP file just indicates an empty project without tracks. Are you sure the track containing the recording was present when you closed and saved the project? If you saved the project with no tracks then the recording is gone, short of using recovery software which has minimal chance of success.

Does the “wojtek_data” folder contain an “e00” folder with “d00” folders inside that, each d folder containing 256 AU files? If so, you can recover the AU files to WAV files as described at Missing features - Audacity Support . The procedure depends on what operating system you recover the AU files on.

I don’t read Polish. Are you copying the “wojtek.aup” and the “wojtek_data” folder or are they in a zip? You won’t be able to open the project on Windows either, because the AUP has no tracks.

If you need to copy “wojtek_data” to Windows, try copying the “d” folders one at a time.

What file system is on the pendrive? If Windows wrongly thinks it is FAT16, the default FAT16 maximum file size is 2 GB and there can’t be more than 512 entries in the root folder.


Yes, I’ve savedd the project in Audacity 2.0.0 but log comes from 2.0.6-alpha.

Yes, I’m sure there was a track containing all my set when I was saving it.
No, there’s nothing in data folder.

I’m copying the aup and data folder normally, I haven’t made a zip to copy them.
Actually my pendrive is running NTFS and it’s 16 gigs.

So it look’s like Audacity failed to save the data and recording, is there any way to prevent that in future ?

So, I don’t understand the Windows error but it doesn’t matter because there is no point moving the project to Windows.

In that case, why did Windows see 2.96 GB in the data you were trying to copy? Make sure you open the “e00” folder in “wojtek_data” and look in the “d” folders. Search the computer for all AU files in case the AU files are in some other folder.

Use the latest release of Audacity you can. If you don’t self-compile Audacity, that means keeping Xubuntu updated to the latest release.

Only have one project open at a time, in case the AU files get saved to a different _data folder.

And fundamentally if you have made an irreplaceable recording, export a backup copy as WAV before closing the project.


I have no idea why Windows see 2.96 GB as when I look at the wojtek_data there’s nothing inside it. Even if you PPM on it and check the weight of that folder it show’s 0 KB.
I’ve search for all au files there’s nothing. So I have no idea really from where Windows come up with that file. Even I’ve made CTRL + H to show hidden files.

Thanks for a advice, will defently use it in future.