Audacity doesn't seem to hear my mic

It’s 100pm PST Jan 15, I’m supposed to do a VO audition today, one of my first times using audacity for this. I have ne iMac, system Monterey. I can hear my mic through may headphones, however scarlett 2i2 doesn’t seem to hear my mic??? Gain is up monitors/headphones are up

Can some one please assist?

If your headphones are plugged into the Scarlett and you can hear yourself, sounds like mic and Scarlett are communicating.

So you’re getting a flat line in Audacity when you try to record? If you opened Audacity before plugging in the interface (or didn’t quit Audacity properly last time you used it), Audacity won’t have noticed the new device.

On the Mac, go to System Preferences > Sound. Check that the Scarlett 2i2 is highlighted under both Input and Output tabs.

In Audacity, ensure the 4 drop down menus read from left to right: Core Audio > Scarlett 2i2 > 1(Mono) > Scarlett 2i2.
If the Scarlett doesn’t appear as an option for the 2nd and 4th dropdowns (Input and Output, respectively),
click Transport > Rescan Audio Devices and check the menus again.

If you’ve set input and output correctly but still aren’t getting a waveform when you try to record, maybe it’s a permissions thing.

System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > click Microphone in the list on the left and check that Audacity is listed under ‘Allow these apps to access your microphone’ with a ticked box next to it.

Any joy?

I am using a Scarlett 2i2 USB interface on a Mac with Audacity 3.4.2 but it is not connecting. I can hear the microphone on the Scarlett’s headphone monitor and it works on the Mac’s Voice Recorder app and with Garage Band. It is selected as the Recording device in Audacity, and Audacity is authorised to use the mic in the Privacy settings. And it has worked in the past with the same set up… I have run out of ideas. Anyone got any thoughts? Thanks. RPJ