Audacity doesn't recognize music keyboard as input source

I am running Audacity 2.2.2 on a Windows 10.0.15063.674 desktop.
I am attempting to set up a small home recording studio, with only basic knowledge of hardware connectivity.
I have successfully recorded from my guitar as well as a professional microphone…
However, I cannot get my Casio LK-43 keyboard to show up in Audacity as an available input source for recording.
The keyboard is attached to the PC with a “dual midi - to - single USB” adapter cable.
Someone told me it’s more desirable to connect as “midi”, but perhaps this isn’t true?
Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Audacity isn’t a MIDI application. You can only record the audio/headphone output (with Audacity).

My keyboard is connected from the headphone socket. I have “Y” cable with half going to the speaker sound system in the room and the other half to the computer for recording.

MIDI is machine control. If you have the software, you can make the computer tell the keyboard to push a key, hold it for some time and then release. MIDI doesn’t care if the keyboard makes any sound or not. When people record MIDI, what they’re really doing is converting the machine control to sound with the computer’s MIDI interpreter software—and then recording that. The down side is the sound of the instrument changes with each computer.


DVDdoug and kozikowski, thank you both very much for the responses. I guess I didn’t understand exactly what midi is, and how it works (with or without Audacity). At least now I won’t have to waste any more time trying to make it work!