Audacity doesn't recognize microphone

I have Windows Home Premium x64 SP1.
I’ve been recording on my Audacity 2.1 for a while and it suddenly can’t recognize the connected microphone. It has happened a few times before, but somehow it started working after a while. I’ve been to the Control Panel and it normally works there but when I try to record on Audacity, all I get is a straight line. I swear I haven’t adjusted/changed anything in the program. I just turned it on once and this happens. It happens about once a few weeks but I can’t get it working now, I even tried to reboot my PC and still nothing.

Basically, I’m using a microphone with a 3,5mm jack (so I don’t have an external sound card) and I tried both the front and the back entry for it. Both work in normal circumstances, not now (for Audacity, that is).

Thanks a lot in advance

suddenly can’t recognize the connected microphone.

Do you use Skype? Skype is famous for rejiggering sound channels as it feels like it leaving you with “magic” sound problems.


Ensure the microphone shows as enabled in Windows Sound ( Missing features - Audacity Support ) . If necessary, make the mic Default Device. Restart Audacity and choose the external mic by name in Device Toolbar.

If this is a branded computer like Dell or HP, go to their web site and make sure you have the correct and latest audio drivers meant for your computer model. See Updating Sound Device Drivers - Audacity Wiki.


And by the way, if Help > About Audacity… really says “2.1” then it’s a bogus version. Get the latest Audacity 2.1.1 from