Audacity doesn't recognize a file

I need to convert a song from an mp3 file to a WAV file. I tried to open the song in Audacity and it said this:

Error Importing [ X ]

Audacity did not recognize the type of the file ‘C:\Users(Username)\Downloads(file name).mp3’.
Try installing FFmpeg. For uncompressed files, also try File > Import > Raw Data.

[ OK ] [ ? ]

Can you help me?

It’s probably not really an MP3 file or it may be corrupt.

Can you play the file in Windows Media Player?

Do you know the approximate playing time? If you know the playing time what is the file size?

You don’t need FFmpeg to open an MP3, but you might need it if it’s actually some other format with an “MP3” filename extension.

Also, importing the raw data won’t work with any compressed format… The compressed data has to me decompressed/decoded. Otherwise it will just sound like pure noise.

It says that it’s an mp3 file. I just tried Windows Media Player and it said “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing this file.” The file size is 21.5 KB.