Audacity doesn't launch at all due to a configuration error

Audacity was working perfectly until i installed FFmpeg for audacity and all the sudden whenever i launch audacity it shows this little window
i looked up the error and found that it might be a permission problem but in my case it’s not, i double checked the permissions of the file and the folder and audacity has 100% control on it i even ran it as administrator. i got too much more space in my drive so it’s not a storage problem.
can you please help me fix this problem.
Infos you may need:
OS : windows 11
Audacity version: 3.1.3

There is no picture.
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I’m sorry for the mess conserning the image file, here it is
Screenshot 2022-01-11 030540.png

That may be a misleading coincidence. Does Windows do automatic updates on your computer?

It certainly looks like a permission problem. Perhaps it’s this new “privacy” setting in Windows: