Audacity does not use last saved export options when exporting while running macros


This seems to be related to fixed bugs #5032 and #5500.

I’m running:
Windows 10, 64 bit, fully updated, 32GB RAM, Intel Core i7 4790K processor
Audacity 3.4.2

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Macro Manager and create a macro with steps 1: Export as MP3; 2:END
  2. Open a 24bit, 96KHz Stereo audio track;
  3. Export it as 48KHz MP3 file (go to File > Export Audio, select MP3 Format, set options as Stereo, 48000 Hz, Variable, 220-260 kbps, then export entire project (this goes as expected);
  4. Close the file/project;
  5. Go to Macro Manager, select the created macro, click Files and select some 24bit, 96KHz files.
  6. Wait for the files to be exported.

The files exported has 44100 Hz sample rate instead of 48000 Hz previously saved in step 3.

Can anyone reproduce this?

Thank you very much.

I’m not questioning output directories, but about settings of the outputted files.

On the webpage

you can read:
“The Export command will use the settings you used the last time you used the same command from the File > Export > Export… menu command, or default settings if you have never used that command from the menu.”

In same cases you can set parameters for the macro command, but there is no available parameters to set for export commands such as “export as MP3” or “export as WAV”.

The new 3.5 beta version did not solve this issue.

The new 3.5 beta 2 version did not solve this issue.

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