Audacity does not show recording volume

Earlier, Audacity showed me two windows, one above the other where there were showned the recording volume for each channel.
But when I opened it the other day, it showed nothing at all.
Whats wrong?

See if “recording meter toolbar” is ticked …

If you have Audcaity2 & Audacity3 on the same machine,
they can corrupt each other’s configuration if you do not keep them separate.

Yes, it is tipped

And I have only 3.2.5

Ticking “Reset toolbars” is the next thing to try …

If that does not work try the more-radical “reset configuration” option …

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Now, I deinstalled it and wanted to install it again, but I couldnt find it, but instead I found Wavepad and installed it, but that works fine!
But thank you for trying to help me!

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