Audacity does not recognize Behringer UMC 404HD interface

Audacity does not recognize my Behringer UMC 404HD interface. Bandlab Cakewalk, Sonar Cakewalk and Reaper all recognize it just fine. What’s the trick to getting it recognized in Audacity?

Windows 10 version 1909
Audacity 2.4.2

Ensure that ASIO is not running.
Ensure that the device is connected before you launch Audacity.
Select the device in the Device Toolbar.

I’m not clear what you mean by make sure ASIO is not running. How do I do that?
The UMC 404HD is indeed connected prior to launching Audacity. It’s no different then when launching any of my other DAWs.
The device is NOT listed in the dropdown. Nothing is listed in the drop down.

By default, Reaper and Cakewalk will use ASIO to connect to the audio device, but due to licensing issues Audacity cannot currently be shipped with ASIO support. ASIO usually takes exclusive control of the audio device, and so prevents any non-asio applications from accessing the audio device.

If you installed the optional “driver” bundle for the Behringer UMC 404HD interface, then it will have installed ASIO drivers for the device, but the normal Windows drivers should still be present.

If you installed “ASIO4All” then there should be an ASIO control panel in the system tray (bottom right corner of the screen).
The Behringer driver bundle may or may not install an ASIO control panel (I don’t know as I don’t have that hardware).

Try rebooting your computer, and then launch Audacity. Any difference?

Windows does indeed recognize my Behringer interface only after the the Behringer Bundle drivers are installed. However, prior to installing the drivers Audacity did not recognize the interface and after installing them it still does not. I’ve unplugged and re-plugged the USB cable, tried different USB cables and ports and yes have rebooted the computer several times. Audacity does not recognize the unit.

Which version of the drivers did you install? "UMC Driver 4.59.0 (for Windows 7 to 10) " or “Windows Driver 4.38” or something else?

I first installed the latest drivers, UMC Driver 4.59.0 (for Windows 7 to 10). That did nothing. I then uninstalled 4.59.0 and installed the previous driver, Windows Driver 4.38

I think the Windows Driver 4.38 driver may be ASIO only.
The 4.59.0 driver says that it includes both ASIO and WDM. Audacity requires the WDM driver.

There is no option for WDM! Here is what Audacity shows. How do I get the UMC 404HD to work with Audacity?:


“WDM” is “Windows Driver Model”. Those are the drivers used by “MME” (Multimedia Extensions) and “DirectSound”.
I’m surprised that it’s not picking up your computer’s internal sound card either - I assume your computer has one (?)

Yes, I am aware of what WDM is.
The computer does have a sound card, YES.
So, this still does not help. How do I get Audacity to recognize the interface?

Does Audacity see your computer’s internal sound card if the Behringer is not connected? (You may need to reboot the computer)

Yes, it does.

I got it working! Have no idea what I did but it is working now.

That’s a shame, but at least you’re back in business.
If you ever figure out what the problem / solution was, please do come back and let us know - it could be very helpful for others.