Audacity does not play untill the end of wav compared to other players


I am using AUdacity 2.4.2 (installed via packet manager) on Debian 11 to build a dataset for training a Text To Speech model and to edit wav files so that they match text transcripts (or the other way round depending on files). I’ve noticed that Audacity does not play the end of the track. Indeed the waveform looks correct but when I select the last eg 100 ms and hit space, the speakers do not output the same sound as eg VLC will do. Moreover this also appears if I select a short portion of the wave form somewhere else on the track.

So to be clear, if I open a wav (PCM, 22050Hz, 16 bits, mono) file with the stock player (or VLC) I can clearly hear at the end “plus en” (duration 183ms) . But when I open it with Audacity I can only hear “plus”.

This is an issue for me because I need the text transcript to perfectly match the content of wav file. I have read some posts on similar issues when exporting audio as mp3 but here I import / export uncompressed audio.

What could be the cause of this behaviour and how can I solve it ?

Thank you

Problem solved by upgrading to version 3.1 via snap, then running the suggested command to allow access to Alsa, and restarting the computer.