Audacity did not recognize the type of file

A few days back, I saved an Audacity project, b/c I couldn’t work on it at the time. Now, when I try to open the file, it says it doesn’t recognize the type of file, despite it being an .aup file. I searched for the solution, and I found about how the .aup could be blank. I opened it on NotePad, and the file was blank, no text. I still have the data. Can you help me?

I couldn’t work on it at the time.

Did you work on it a little bit like maybe rough-cutting or simple editing? If you did, it’s all over. Audacity will sometimes recover a Project that you shot and then saved with no editing. Once you do any post production, it scrambles the _DATA folder.

I think there’s more than one of these instructions.

You should consider what would happen if the show doesn’t come back.

You can get that if you close the computer before Audacity has a chance to write the AUP file.


That is the correct (and only) instruction page for recovering an unedited recording without a usable AUP file.


[Writing that down.]