audacity deleting files

Using a macbook pro with ventura 13.0.1 - downloaded latest audacity 3.2.3.

I record a clip, save the clip as an aup3 file. Then I use an effect on the clip (usually change tempo). When I close the clip, I want to keep the original, not the slowed down version, so I quit without saving the changes. Audacity then deletes the file from my computer.

This is very different from the previous version (2 something, I suppose), which I believe asked if you want to quit without saving the changes. If you answered yes, it didn’t save the changes, but it did not delete the file.

Inetersingly, if I open an “old” aup file in 3.2.3 and alter it, and then quit without saving it, audacity doesn’t have the audacity to delete it.

Curious if this update was intentional, or is on a fix list. Seems that a program should ask for permission to delete a file…

I cannot reproduce this.

When you say you “save the clip as an aup3 file”, do you go through the Save dialog, name the file and choose a place to save it?

What do you mean when say you “close the clip”? Do you mean you close the project window? Or do you mean you Quit Audacity?

– Bill

Audacity 3.0 and beyond doesn’t “Open” former 2.0 “.aup” projects. Instead, it “Imports” the project and copies it to a new “.aup3” file.

As with billw58, I am unable to reproduce this behavior (on Windows), and I have heard of no other similar reports. Exactly how are you "quit"ing ?

If you are not already doing so, make sure you give Audacity the time it needs to properly close the file.

Does Audacity still delete the file if you “Undo” all the changes you made before "Quit"ing?