Audacity Dark Gray Theme

Hi All,

I just created a custom Dark Gray Theme that is based on the Audacity theme concept by higorsm25. I especially liked the light icons and the dark - but not totally black - look.

Download from here and see the Readme.txt for how to get it installed.


I gave it a shot, but I can’t read the numbers …
Dark Grey, time-line numbers disappear.gif

Hi Trebor,

thanks for the feedback! I have now uploaded a new version 1.1 with this issue fixed.

I saw you like red waveform graphs. I have now added red and orange variations in the Theme Variations folder as well.

Please keep testing and point out things that can be improved. I’m happy to upload new versions.


Hi Mike, that is super nice theme.

Is it possible we run a simple contest for a new and fresh theme for the next Audacity? (2.4.0). If not can we try to run a simple, and informal contest for the next 2.4.1 then? (in case we don’t have enough time to the 2.4.0 release since it seems it is already on the horizon but quickly approaching)

What do you guys think?


Hi, do you have an https:// link for this?

The link is in the first post.
Unfortunately that website does not appear to be configured for HTTPS, hence the insecure HTTP link.

I have now fixed the webserver configuration. Please use this https link now:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Btw. I hope that Audacity will support HiDPI themes in the future and also will allow to theme the scroll bars. Currently they are always bright white which ruins dark themes quite a bit.