Audacity cuts off audio [SOLVED]

i had recorded some gameplay and audio. i used audacity to touch up the audio and i put it into camtasia it shows it cut off about a minute at the end of the audio. I’m very confused as to why it would do this.
I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 , windows 10 and used noise reduction to edit audio. any help as to why it’s doing this would be great. IT also seems to line up completely fine with the old audio of the video? please let me know if im just missing something and im being stupid :laughing: Thanks!

If you import the MP3 back into Audacity is it the correct length? If not, make sure you File > Export Audio and not Export Selected Audio.

Be aware that MP3 will add some milliseconds of silence to the start of the exported file, which you will have to allow for when lining up with video.


It says it’s the correct length and i sync it with the video and then later down the line it just isn’t the same length it confuses me.

There are two different sample rates. 44100 is the rate for Audio CD and 48000 in general is the rate for video production. Normally, flopping back and forth is transparent, but occasionally, a program will start caring and that can cause serious sync issues.

I’m a little lost what you’re doing.

You used Camtasia to capture gameplay. Then you split off the sound for proessing in Audacity. When you try to replace the patched sound, it doesn’t match? Or it syncs but isn’t long enough? Those are all different problems.


i used obs to record, audacity to edit the audio because of the sound of my computer fan in background and camtasia to edit it all together i had it on 44100 so ill try the other it might help. But what happens is the audio in audacity says its 13mins and 27secs which is how long the video is and then i put it in camtasia and its missing a whole minute.

Who’s wrong? I know which one you think is wrong. Does the sound track slowly slip out of sync? Which direction? Does the show sound get to within a minute of the end and just drop dead?

You’re going by timers and non-content judgements. That could make a big difference. Like the track gets to the explosion at the wrong time, or the explosion is missing…or duplicated.


it would slip out of sync and still have about a 1 missing by the end. i tried it with another video and it didnt happen so im just wondering if it just a fluke @-@

okay so i realized it didnt fix it. The shorter the video the less it cuts off apparently. That screenshot shows the differences in audio and whats happening. I put audio into audacity and use noise reduction to get rid of my fan sounds then export it then put into camtasia for it to end up short than the original audio and video. :confused:

As near as I can tell from the timeline, everything is in perfect sync right up until the point one track just stops dead.

What’s the possibility of not using MP3? We have polished ceramic plates in our offices with the mantra: NEVER USE MP3 FOR PRODUCTION. MP3 is part of a very old compressed video format. Its real name is MPEG1, Layer 3 and it comes with “surprises.” One of the not obvious surprises is the Audacity Lame MP3 generator which is an open source knock-off of Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft who I believe still owns the real license. It’s paid software.

Paid editors fold the licensing fees into the cost of the software. That’s what Cool Edit did. Audacity can’t do that.

What happens if you export the track a minute longer? Doesn’t matter what you put up there. Backfill with silence.


Are you exporting Constant Bit Rate MP3 from Audacity? If not, try that. Some applications cannot compute file length correctly with the Audacity default of Variable Bit Rate MP3.


Alright so i switched it over to M4A format and i’ve tested it with 3 different videos, all different lengths and it seems to be working now. :smiley:

thanks for your help btw :slight_smile: and being so fast to respond