Hi everyone…whenever i batch convert using ‘Pseudo Stereo’ effect, I get silences being placed at the end of all tracks, so that they end up being all the same length.
Anyone know how to fix this? Win 10, Aud 242.

Thanks in advance.

‘Pseudo Stereo’ is a “Nyquist effect”.

One of the limitations of Nyquist effects is that they treat empty track space as if it was silence. Thus if the selection includes empty track space, it will be converted to silence by Nyquist effects.

You may be able to work around this limitation by applying “Truncate Silence” after the ‘Pseudo Stereo’ effect has run.

This is why I use Wavepad - the instructions for Audacity are extremely poor and the features limited and complicated to use…I suppose that’s why it is free.

For the record, Audacity is MUCH more powerful than Wavepad, and has a lot more documentation because there is a lot more to document, but I’m delighted that you have found an audio editor that you like.

Now I want to use Audacity for batch processing, and all i get ls a lot of complicated shit about Macros. So far all I use Audacity for is the ‘Pseudo Stereo’ effect.
You obviously have never used Wavepad or you wouldn’t be talking such nonsense. Or perhaps you’re a plant who works for the Audacity people.
But, like I said before, it’s free, so you get what you pay for, or rather what you didn’t pay for…

I am one of the Audacity people.
I also wrote the ‘Pseudo Stereo’ effect.

If you prefer Wavepad, then use that.

The ‘Pseudo Stereo’ effect works very well and I use it all the time, but using it in Batch Processing causes unwanted silences and the truncating feature does not work, so I have to use Wavepad to eliminate these silences which make all the tracks as long as the longest in the batch.

Perhaps you could use “Detach at Silences”.

Thank you - I will try that.