Audacity Crashing Right Before Done Exporting

I recently recorded some really important audio and then my computer crashed. Luckily, audacity recovered the audio and it is now working… except for one part.
Right before the audio is done exporting, it just crashes. Any suggestings on how to fix?
thanks -cookies

Drag-select half of the show and File > Export > Export Selected Audio > Pick a name > Save.

Then Drag-select the second half and export it the same way with a different name. Accuracy isn’t important. Make sure the two overlap. We’re in desperation rescue.

That will give you the two halves of the show which you can put back together later after you fix your machine.

However, I’m betting you’re not going to get there because your drive is filling up. Connect your backup drive or backup system and shovel off some other work so there’s enough room for main show. Don’t close Audacity until you make room because the show will vanish forever.