Audacity crashing every time on Ubuntu Studio

A while ago Audacity started crashing every time I try to use it. I’m running Ubuntu Studio (Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS) and trying to use the version that comes with it, ver. 2.3.3.

When I start Audacity, a crash recovery dialogue box comes up, for the previous session, which was just another failure to record, so I tell it to discard.

After I click OK on that, when I click record, Audacity either closes immediately, or it puts up a bug report dialogue, and then crashes when I close that.

I have uninstalled (choosing uninstall completely) and reinstalled a number of times, and the same thing keeps happening. The newly installed Audacity immediately throws up the same dialogue for recovering the previous session, which makes me think there is data being left behind from the previous install, despite my selecting the option to remove all data.

I’ve also tried to install another audio editor, like Ocenaudio, and the GUI software installer says it’s unable to open file.

Please help me!

If you aren’t tied to that version, it would be worth trying version 3 - download from the link at the top of this forum page, not from the Ubuntu repo. Note that this is shipped as an appimage - you don’t install it, just make it executable.

One significant change in Audacity 3 is that the project file format is now a single .aup3 file - you won’t be able to open projects created in this if you go back to v2.

Thanks, SecretCode!
I had already downloaded v.3, but I didn’t know about the appimage distinction. It seems to be working now.