Audacity crashes while capturing audio in multiple times

Audacity tool crashes when we run for multiple cycles. We are running Audacity tool through python script to capture Audio but after some times tool will crash stating that exception_access_violation_write. Need a helping hands.
I have attached crashed image of same.
Audacity_Crash (1).png

Please include your Python script.

Start Audacity using “Run as administrator” solved crashing for me.

From a security perspective, apps should only ever be run with administrative permissions when you need to make changes to the system. Applications such as Audacity should never be run as the administrator.

Also, your reply seems disconnected from the original question which is about “running Audacity tool through python script”.

Was this issue ever resolved? I am having a similar problem, except it is a read exception

What version of Audacity are you running?

I use v3.2.1 currently. Ran the script with v3.2.2 and it crashes as well.

One user with a similar issue reported that 3.1 corrected the issue. Personally, I would try 3.1.3 first.

Sorry to say, but v3.1.3 also crashes. It is the first version of Audacity I ever used…reverted to it previously to check for issue.

Thank you for the information and advice though.