Audacity Crashes When I Try to Export


My latest audacity project seems to have gotten screwed up somehow just as I added the final audio clips from a separate recording. When I try to export the project, audacity crashes about a third of the way into the estimated time. I’m not sure what I can do to recover the content. Most of the time, it does not give me a log, but occasionally, it does, so I was able to attach a log of what happened. I’m not sure how to proceed.

I’d appreciate any help I can get.
Thank you (87.8 KB)

Check that you have plenty of space available in your Documents folder, then:

  1. Launch Audacity (if it’s already open, close it and relaunch Audacity).

  2. Open the problem project

  3. Save the project with a new, unique name to Documents.
    If any error messages or warnings appear, make a note of them so that you can quote them exactly in your next reply.

  4. Quit Audacity and relaunch.

  5. Open the copy of the project.

  6. Try exporting.
    Did that work?
    If any error messages or warnings appear, make a note of them so that you can quote them exactly in your next reply.

Thanks Steve. I tried going through those steps with no change. When I export to MP3 or WAV, audacity closes after about a quarter to a third of the export time.

I am on audacity 2.3.1 and Windows 10. I originally created this project in audacity 2.2.2 but upgraded recently.

The error started occurring after I copied 2 tracks from a different project into this project. The other project has no problems when I try to export.

How many tracks does the project have?

There are currently 6 tracks. As I was editing, there were 8 tracks since I had backup audio for 2 of the recordings, but I’ve removed those. Several of the tracks have audio clips cut in from other recordings.

As a test, try exporting each track individually.
To do this:

  1. Select a track by clicking in an empty part of the panel on the left end of the track (take care to avoid nudging the sliders)
  2. “File menu > Export > Export Selected Audio”

I’m guessing that there’s a problem with just one of the tracks. If that’s the case, all of the other tracks should export successfully.

So I’ve isolated it to 2 tracks that both crash when exported. Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot those tracks?

Are they the last two tracks that you added from the separate recording?
Do those tracks have just one, or multiple audio clips per track?
Do you have access to another copy / backup copy of those tracks?

Neither of the last two tracks include the last audio I added.

I have all the original uncut audio, but not the tracks as they stand currently. I’m recording multiple speakers, and cutting the audio together into a podcast. So every time I cut dead air or irrelevant bits from any speaker, I’m cutting all tracks.

I’ve also confirmed that in audacity, the audio can play from beginning to end with no anomalies.

As a thought, if I’m not concerned about maintaining the separate tracks, could I set a second audacity project to listen and record from the first as it plays to get a unified version of the audio?

Are you concerned about maintaining the separate tracks? There are two different approaches that we could take depending on your answer.