Audacity crashes on open after enabling openvino

I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times. Win10 issue?

“failed to send crash report”
Operating system: Windows NT
10.0.19045 4474
CPU: amd64
family 6 model 94 stepping 3
8 CPUs



entire crash report attached.
audacity crash report.txt (83.2 KB)

Hi @Thidwick,

This could be the same issue as filed here: Audacity Crash after installing Vino · Issue #224 · intel/openvino-plugins-ai-audacity · GitHub

Can you try moving OpenCL.dll out of C:\Program Files\Audacity? You can just move it to some backup folder. After doing that, try launching Audacity.

thanks - moved that .dll - audacity still crashes on open.
other thoughts?

Hmm strange. What kind of CPU / GPU are you using?

I updated the intel HD graphics driver from the Dell website. I also re-installed audacity with the muse installer. (I had previously used the audacity installer)

Then I re-installed openvino. Now it’s working (even with the openCL.dll still in the audacity folder).

Not sure which of these fixed the problem but fyi.
thanks for your help