Audacity crashes on Mac

Audacity crashes on my Mac as soon as i try to record.

It just freezes or closes.

I’m on 12.2.1 Monterey with high spec Intel Mac
Audacity 3.3.2 for intel

Any thoughts?


Are you recording on a local internal drive (recommended)?

What are you recording?

Did it start misbehaving right after you did the Audacity upgrade?


I re installed old version but still happens so back to new version & still happens
Yes onto local internal solid state drive in Mac
Recording audio from sound card
It sometimes records a little & will play back but then freezes or crashes while playing back.

The error panel thinks you’re on an amd64 processor, not Intel.


Yet I downloaded the intel version :melting_face:

AMD is based on the x86 architecture. ARM is the M1/M2, as I understand it.

I’m lost
I downloaded the Intel Audacity for my intel Mac, then i get these problems. Don’t know where to go next

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